Monday, December 16, 2013

5.1 Who Ya Gonna Call?

Morgan becomes a Young Adult and she doesn't seem that excited about it. Either that, or all the dust in the house has finally gotten to her.

I forgot to take a picture of the house before I expanded it, so no overview shot for generation four. :(

Morgan is sent off to college, not for an education, but for a man. We're setting the movement back decades with this stint. Morgan's not exactly thrilled about it, either. It's cold and rainy at University.

But there's computers! Poor Morgan hasn't seen a computer anywhere but school her entire life. Now she's got one with unlimited access to the internet. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately for her, we're not here to learn or surf the web. It's time to go out looking for suitable guys.

She meets a barista at the coffee shop who isn't too bad, but he's got the wrong degree. Morgan flirts with him a little on her own while I scope out the rest of the crowd. It's a shame, because they really seem to hit it off. Few can withstand Morgan's impressive charms.

I do spot someone I wouldn't mind adding to the gene pool, Troy Francis. I try my best to ignore his name and Morgan chats him up. They're completely compatible, even their signs align. If this were TS2, they'd be three bolts!

Even better, he's got a business degree. Awww yeeah.

As I said, few can really handle Morgan's idea of 'charm'. She's like a bull in a china shop. It's really funny to watch. She's turning out to be a lot of fun to play. At least Troy is receptive... though I am worried. He's a 'Good' sims.

Mixing Good and Evil sims can be a bit of a chore, though it shouldn't be too bad as she won't be a Criminal Mastermind, so no evil glow. That glow wrecks relationships with Good sims!

With a man secured, it's time to leave University! She was barely there two days. Morgan's intended career has no bonus given by a degree, so it's really kind of pointless for her to stay. I just wanted to steal more DNA from the Uni students. For the most part, they are all pretty good looking and varied.

Back at home, Ami is trying to give Mimi pointers on her manifesto. Her criticisms are normal for this sort of thing: perhaps less fire and brimstone and more please and thank you. Maybe instead of hurtling people out into the sea to be eaten by the kraken, they could instead have a forum for discussion.

Mimi is nonplussed by her mother's plebeian worries.

There's no hiding Mimi's jealousy at the fact that Morgan gets a laptop. Poor Mimi was forced to draft her manifesto at school. Even worse, Morgan has taken to using her laptop at the breakfast table. When Mimi finally grumbles loudly enough about it, Morgan gets up and says:

"Fine. Use it."

Morgan had good reason to abandon her laptop to Mimi. Troy has turned up and he's out in the garden chatting with her shirtless, hippie father. Morgan has every right to be worried!

Morgan interrupts them and shows off her new ghost catching machine of awesome. Troy is impressed. This is another bonus to him. He is clearly well suited to deal with Morgan and her eccentric family. I mean, he didn't run away screaming while Jasen talked his ear off about eating green, proper fertilization methods, and how gardening shirtless guarantees no farmer tan.

Of course, Morgan's life isn't all fluffy bunnies and family moments. She is an Evil sim, after all. She gets quite a few jollies from scaring the crap out of unsuspecting strangers and reciting her goal to destroy each and every ghost she sees to anyone who will listen.

At least the girl has goals.

Troy joined the family towards the end of his visit and was given a much needed makeover. He's already started in the business career with that shiny degree of his. He should be pulling in promotions and money to redo the house in no time! All very exciting.

Most nights have Morgan out on the town, capturing rogue ghosts. It's kind of shocking, really, how many ghosts have infested the islands. Morgan won't rest until they're all removed!

With the money coming in, Morgan sets about redecorating the place in her vision. Ami really, really isn't sure how she feels about all of this. First, she built onto their house and now everything is either black or bright pink. This will eventually consume the entire house, not just the living room.

Clearly, Ami is not amused. Hot pink curtains, really?

Morgan used to sit at the table with Mimi and they'd do their homework together. These days, she's getting ready for work while Mimi is working on her homework. She still takes some time beforehand, usually waiting on a call to action, and discusses how their shared interests will benefit the community as a whole. Oh, and the money. There will be money!

Jasen becomes an old man and gardening shirtless just doesn't seem to have the same thrill it did in his youth. That and skin cancer! He could die! He can't die without perfecting his plant growing techniques.

Perhaps black pajamas aren't the best alternative, either. It gets rather hot in Isla Paradiso.

Generation Five begins! I really love Morgan. She's so much fun to play. She really did autonomously heat of the moment kiss Troy within like, five minutes of meeting him. Very funny. I won't lie, I had fun dressing her, too.
The house, however, I am not so sure about. Hot pink is really hard to decorate with. So far, I've got the living room and her bedroom done. Those two were a challenge. The husband kept looking over at my screen and shaking his head! So much hot pink!
I had planned on moving them to a new house or even a new world, but then I thought better of it. I might try to stick it out in this world until it becomes unbearable to do so. I'll be interested to see if Morgan passes on her mermaid DNA to any of her FOUR CHILDREN! Ugh. Cross your fingers for my next roll. I do not want another house full of kids!


  1. Morgan's going for that MRS degree! I like your thinking - I would totally send my sims to college for the same reason, lol! Troy seems like a good catch too - perfect for dealing with Morgan's family.

    Ami looks so unimpressed there. I don't know that I'd want quite so much hot pink in my house either, so I can't blame her. It does look pretty funky though, I have to say!

    With four kids, chances seem good for getting at least one more mermaid. Do you want to carry it through to Generation 10?

    1. I am really surprised by the offerings at Uni! It's refreshing for TS3.

      There's a high chance I will hate hot pink even more than I already do by the time this generation is said and done, lol!

      You know, I'm not sure if I WANT it to carry on that long. Mermaids can be tiring if they're not an ocean-oriented sim and they're always, always hungry!

  2. I finished this all in one day and I'm glad to have finally caught up on your latest legacy/challenge. I've always been a fan (my favourite of all your sims will always be your TS2 Black Widow, I still have such a soft spot for that family) and I really enjoy this legacy. I hope the mermaid gene gets passed on and continues to the heir, mermaids can be a pain to play but they are interesting and it's cool how all the heirs have it even if it's not intentional.

    Also will you be showing us the families that have branched from the Voss legacy? Morgan's cousin gets mentioned and I'm curious if it was a Voss cousin or a Hashini-Patel.

    1. One day?! Wow, haha! That's some dedication. I'm glad you've enjoyed it. You've been following my stuff since way back then? That's pretty amazing. :) That feels like an eternity ago (I guess it has been quite awhile...), but I still remember that family. I loved them! That was such a fun challenge to do. I was sad when it was over.

      Mermaids are definitely neat, but without that 'Hardly Hungry' perk, it's a downright nightmare!

      As for extensions of the Voss line, I'm horrible at documenting that stuff. I usually just glance at the immediate family tree out of curiosity. I'm pretty sure that cousin was a Hashini-Patel glancing at what notes I had jotted down for that! There are a LOT of (extended) members of the Voss bloodline running about... though it seems they may have dwindled considerably since the previous generation didn't breed much!

  3. Hey, I've been a reader since you were about half way through KiD, I love reading all your sims blogs. I just read the previous comment about the Black Widow challenge and I realised I can barely even remember that one. Is there any way to still access it to read again, I'd love a reason to procrastinate from my degree.

    I'm excited to see how Morgan ends up with 4 children, to me it seems quite out of character for her. I'm seeing a few... unplanned little family additions :P

    1. Hi there! :) It's been quite a while since that one, haha. I'm honestly surprised that anyone remembers! Unfortunately, it got purged along with my other TS2 challenges when my domain had issues last year with wordpress and hacking. :( It was a very tough decision, but I had to it to improve the security of newer DBs. This was, of course, before they made the switch to their new system. Sigh.

      LOL I am still trying to figure out how that's going to work out! Excited for when I have the will and time to play again. It shall be interesting.