Sunday, January 12, 2014

5.2 Goosebumps

Morgan and Troy are in no rush to have children. Which is kind of odd, as they'll need to have four! Maybe the reality of it all hasn't quite sunk in yet. That's probably it.

Granted, Morgan's career is pretty much going to be on hold the second she starts having babies... so maybe it's wise to wait a little bit.

Nothing is getting between Morgan and her ambition to rid Isla Paradiso of its ghost problem! She sleeps most of the morning only to wake up and head out while everyone else is in the midst of their day. Poor Mimi barely even sees her older sister anymore.

This doesn't mean that Morgan gets to avoid her mother's meddling, however. Ami is adamant on changing her daughter's mind about all this ghost banishing business. She tries to use her 'abilities' to convince Morgan all the pain and suffering the poor ghosts are experiencing.

It backfires, of course. Morgan is more adamant than ever that those ghosts need to go!

Morgan never had issues getting along with her father before, but ever since she's 'taken over', things have been tense between them. He's always nagging her about being a better person and perhaps not scaring the tar out of everyone she meets.

Ha! Not likely. Morgan is quite happy with her daily dose of freaking people out.

Mimi becomes a Young Adult and it's time for her to move out. It's a bittersweet parting, but if they're separated, then they can spread their evil more easily. They say goodbye with the promise of keeping in touch in an effort to better 'run' the island.

Morgan and Troy's schedules are completely opposite of one another, so they rarely get any time to spend together. Which is kind of okay with them. Troy spends time reading his business books while Morgan sleeps the day away.

It's an odd sort of relationship, but it works for them.

Morgan spends her early morning hours after work gazing up at the stars. Perhaps some aliens will wander past and offer to bestow their awesomeness upon her. It would certainly help with the whole 'ghost problem.'

As much as Morgan enjoys ridding her beloved home of the bothersome pests, it's quite laborious. They just won't quit. Every time she exterminates one, two more seem to pop up in its place. It is an endless cycle.

Ami becomes an elder and burns her first meal ever. She is not amused. Morgan is hell-bent on destroying all ghosts and now she's gone and burned the spaghetti. At least her kitchen hadn't been touched by the 'hot pink' bug yet.

That was one small relief.

On the rare days off that Morgan gets, Troy drags her outside. It's pretty well-known how much Morgan loathes the outdoors, but Troy is insistent. The fact that she doesn't strike him down with mighty fury and instead begrudgingly goes along with it--even when she nearly face plants while skating--says volumes.

Louie's time finally comes. The family is distraught. Jasen witnesses the event first-hand and is considerably bereft.

Poor Louie. :(

Luckily for Morgan, she and Troy were still at the park. Otherwise, she would have probably broken her evil facade and cried a little.

She'd always liked Louie.

Ami wants us to think she's upset about Louie, but I have a hard time believing that after what I've done to 'her' kitchen. Poor old girl. It isn't easy when you're no longer the one in charge!

Ami likes to flirt with danger and invites ghosts she meets over while Morgan is either sleeping or out at work. Her daughter may be insistent on destroying them, but Ami would rather understand them. They're not all bad.

Morgan's ambition is relentless. She's called to the place where it all began to rid of her bothersome ancestors who still haunt the place. She does so without a thought as to who these people once were. That was forever ago, in her mind. They need to move on!

Jasen is worried about their daughter and her priorities. Ami is, too, though she won't state it directly. Time is passing and Morgan has yet to have any children. Ami and Jasen may have waited, but not this long. Perhaps it was time to have a talk with her.

And maybe find a way to not go blind while walking through the house. So much hot pink.

Morgan is on to her mother's tricks. She's got a new gizmo that senses ghost levels or something of the sort. They're off the charts at her own house. She's not amused.

Her mother has been having ghosts over for brunch! How ridiculous!

Jasen takes it upon himself to confront Morgan about her negligence of duties. She's supposed to be providing heirs! She can't wait forever. What if something were to happen?

Morgan is not amused by this intrusion at all. First the ghosts over as guests and now her father jumping down her throat about babies!

Enough was enough! Morgan would have children when she was good and ready. And that wouldn't be until she was certain that stupid ghosts weren't haunting her own house!

Of course, that meant the possibility of eradicating her own sister's ghosts, but then that was the cost. Morgan was more than willing to pay it. She said as much to Jasen, who was visibly deflated after the whole thing.

Morgan was not going to be controlled, not by anyone.
Oh, Morgan. You're so obstinate! I really do love her, but she argues with Jasen quite a lot. That's not even part of her 'Evil' thing a day requirement, either. It happens autonomously. They argued about babies on their own! Hilarious. Kind of sad, too, though. :(

I really want Morgan to get higher up in her career before she spits out babies. Troy has a baby wish and I'm sure Morgan will spin one up once she's already pregnant (this happens a lot with my sims, oddly enough.) Once she starts having kids, it's going to be impossible for her career to continue due to all the time off! I definitely want them to get the benefit of Ami and Jasen being able to help, though.

Troy is in business, so that's why you don't see him much. He's always at work, working overtime, or working on his charisma upstairs.

Slowly, but surely, the house is going full-on hot pink. My eyes!

I took these pictures all before Christmas and kind of forgot about them. I didn't think I had enough for an update. I'm on a little break from this at the moment, as I kind of burned myself out on sims. But I'm still playing here and there. So I'm not done. Just resting. ;)


  1. Baby wants once the baby is already conceived happen a lot in my game too. In TS2 and TS3, actually! That's what happened with Patience, most recently. It's like they figure "well, it's happening, so I better get on board!"

    But wow, Morgan is not one to be messed with! If I were Ami or Jasen, I might be a little frightened of her. It seems so fitting that Morgan the Heiress is taking her time with popping out the kids. Just to make sure everyone knows she's running the show here.

    I am actually really loving all that hot pink! I don't know what that says about me.

    1. I know! I guess we should just be glad they show up at all. TS3 wishes really make my head ache. Sigh.

      Morgan is very ballsy. You don't tell her what to do unless you want her to tell you off, lol! I can't say I'd be thrilled to start popping out kids in a house that's haunted by ghosts, either, though.

      Oh man, hot pink is a nightmare to work with! What was I thinking? It's so hard not to make it eyeball murdering horrible! I am really trying to use ONLY hot pink, too... not safer derivatives.