Monday, October 28, 2013

1.1 Intro

The founder, Jamie Voss! She's starting out in the wonderful land of Isla Paradiso. I've done very little with this world, so it's all pretty new to me.

Her roll is:

  • Martial - Second Chance
  • Children - 5 (!!!)
  • Income - Law Enforcement (Super Spy), Secondaries: Ghost Hunter, Science
  • Generation Goal: Property Mogul
  • Misc. Fun: Half-Siblings
  • Optional 10 Gen Goal: Wish Upon A (Different) Star

Here she is on a brilliantly sunny day with her dog, Hera. In my defense, Hera's fur texture is gone after this picture. It's all blurry and awful. My settings are maxed, but my game apparently decided to just mess her up. It's annoying. It bothers me. So enjoy this last good picture of her with legit fur. (and for the would-be computer gurus out there, no, it's not my card. sorry if that's snarky. working in IT makes you a bitter, bitter person when it comes to technology.)

She's barely scraping by and making a living as a Desk Jockey at the local precinct. In fact, her house is actually three storage containers smashed together. At least she has a great view.

She meets Rubisel Ichtaca at the park and they hit it off pretty well. In my defense, I had no idea he was loaded. Seriously. He was just the first dude to stroll by that struck Jamie's fancy and wasn't already married.

Also, the two women in the background bickering cracks me up. They both missed their opportunity to jump aboard the Ichtaca money train!

Rubisel and Jamie have a whirlwind romance, because this is a legacy, I need five kids, and ain't nobody got time for legitimate wooing, okay?

Have a fancy boat shot too assuage your lack of romance. Please note, this is my first time having my sims 'go boating.' I am disappointed by the lack of anything else. Like pulling skiis or cool rafts. As someone who did a lot of boating, this is unacceptable! People do not just sit around in boats like lumps!

Okay, they do, but there's usually coolers of beer and snacks involved at the very least.

Rubisel moves in and adds to the family coffers, allowing me to make the home a livable space. Also, check out that view. Seriously. Amazing.

In true legacy fashion, Jamie gets knocked up rather quickly. She spends her pregnancy practicing her chess game and listening to the kids station (much to my eternal dismay.)

My only reprieve from the onslaught of the high-pitched cacophony bleeding out of the stereo is when she sneaks into her bedroom to read on her comfy bed. Sigh of relief and urge to kill small, fluffy creatures gone.

Jamie gives birth on the lawn to twins!

Serena and Hayden Voss enter the world. Rubisel makes his first post move in appearance. He's still wearing those yellow pants. He's afraid of commitment, but he's committed to making those pants work.

Jamie spends a baby-free day at the beach with Hera. Ahh, the only time I like the beach... when it's digital.

Rubisel is spitting his game at the local ladies, baby in hand. Seriously, dude? That's not cool. She seems to dig it, though...

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