Tuesday, December 10, 2013

4.4 Smoke on the Water

The twins have their birthdays, which causes Ami to invite her family over. It's one of the rare few times the Voss family can be found on the same lot.

Ami wasn't too happy about the fact that there was going to be cake for days, though. Why couldn't she just have made the cake herself? Stupid sim restrictions!

Phoenix, who is an elder, spends time with his grandchildren. He was never very keen on Ami's way of life or thinking, but she is his daughter.

Morgan becomes a child, which means she gets to help out with the chores. She chooses easy things like keeping Louie clean and taking care of the animals. Let her older sisters do the hard stuff.

Mia often gets stuck babysitting their baby sister Mimi. She doesn't mind it so much, but she doesn't necessarily relish in it, either. It would be ten times easier if Mimi wasn't so fussy.

Misty mostly helps with the cleaning, though she talks herself out of it more often than not, convincing her father to do it instead while she has a leisurely lunch.

Morgan tries to convince her mother that the house would look much better decorated in hot pink instead of boring grey. Ami is unconvinced. Grey stays. This is her generation, after all.

When Morgan doesn't get her way, she reduces herself to childish tactics--like scaring the crap out of her dad and demanding that he fork over the diamonds! Jasen is, of course, quite confused by the whole thing.

Misty still spends plenty of time fishing with Ami. They often go to Ami's favorite spot when she was a child on weekends, spending their entire afternoons chatting idly while they fish.

Morgan doesn't just terrorize her family, she brings the pets in on it, too. Of course, Louie rather enjoys all of the attention and everyone thinks that Morgan knows that. She just doesn't want to admit she likes playing with him.

She even throws him scraps from the table when she's eating. Morgan denies it, but Jasen and Mia are witnesses.

Misty favors their pet owl, Woody. She often spends time teaching him words and playing with him (when Jasen isn't there, of course.)

Much to her eternal frustration, Morgan has taken to leaving the cage door open, trying to prompt Woody to come out and get devoured by Darla the cat.

Mia and Misty have a hard time understanding their younger sibling. She's a little terror who hates the outdoors and seemingly, everything their family stands for. There are many arguments between them.

Morgan tries to find others who appreciate the best color in the world, but finds support woefully lacking. Even her distant relative, Lee Hashini-Patel, doesn't see the awesomeness that is hot pink.

In spite of her ways, Morgan is still very much loved. Ami never seems to be bothered by Morgan's behavior and is always happy to give her a hug.

All of the kids lack the keen understanding of the paranormal that their mother has. Seeing the ghost of their long-dead grandma sleeping in Mimi's soon-to-be bunk is just a bit more than they can take. Morgan is especially ruffled by this.

Mimi becomes a child and realizes that she's surrounded by crazy hippies. Jasen is nonplussed by his daughter's scathing words. He's used to it.

At least they know how to have fun! Mimi drags her dad into water balloon battles after he's done gardening for the day. They may not have any electronics, but they can still have a good time.

Ami is deeply saddened by the news that her dad, Phoenix, has died. It's so hard to believe that all this time has passed. Ami hardly feels as old as she's clearly getting.

Morgan and Mimi get along famously. Their older siblings may not 'get' them, but they certainly understand each other. They can talk for hours about schemes and ideas on how to bring this household out of the dark ages.

It's pretty clear to everyone that these two are cut from the same cloth. They're perfectly happy about that fact, too.
Both Morgan AND Mimi randomly got Evil. I love it! I had the hardest time deciding on an heir. It got so difficult that I cheated and loaded all four of the girls into CAS with MC to see what they'd look like as adults. I had been hinging on Morgan after she rolled Evil as a baby (prior to that, it was Mia), but then Mimi came along. 
Morgan's love of hot pink, the fact that she's evil, and that she got the least weird of Jasen's facial features means she's the heir. Normally, I hate pink and all things associated... but an evil sim that loves it? How can I deny that?! 
This house is pretty chaotic with all the pets and sims. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'm going to relocate to a new lot or use this one (and substantially upgrade it.) They've actually got some money now. It's about time!


  1. Phoenix! :( RIP. It didn't seem like he lasted very long as an elder. Am I imagining that? He was such a swish looking elder too.

    Yes! I'm so glad Morgan is heir! I figured she would be but am still very happy. She is a riot and it will certainly make for a completely different generation next time around!

    1. I thought so, too. Ami was about halfway through adulthood when he passed on. He had plenty of lifetime points, too! Maybe the stress of having a gypsy daughter got to him? Lol!

      Morgan will be fun. She's such an odd character. I really like her, although I'm finding the task of actually decorating in hot pink to be difficult!