Friday, December 6, 2013

4.3 I am The Walrus

Misty and Mia become children. As twins, they're pretty close. This is good, as they have to share bunk beds and a room with their impending sibling.

Misty loves the outdoors, so she spends a lot of time outside. Ami takes her fishing at her favorite spots, happy to have company. It's Ami fish, after all, that fertilize Jasen's crop and being pregnant is a perfect time to connect with nature.

Mia, meanwhile, prefers to hang out at home and play with the animals. She especially enjoys time with Louie. They chase one another around the yard and goof off.

Mia isn't sure how she feels about having another sibling. She knows they'll all be crammed into the same room and sleeping with a noisy baby isn't exactly ideal. This also means Mia's hopes of ever having a gigantic, wall-sized mirror is out of the question.

Of course, Ami and Jasen value family and simplicity, so there's no hopes of any house expansions. It was the simple life for this family.

Despite the cramped lodgings, the twins continued to get along. Misty and Mia took turns making sure Louie didn't smell completely like dog at all times. Though, if you asked Misty, she'd say she was more thorough than Mia was.

Ami went into labor while preparing some sushi one evening. Misty was unaffected, figuring maybe her mother was just making silly noises for a reaction. She didn't react.

Little Morgan joined the family as their third child and daughter Yet another girl! Jasen was swimming in estrogen, but he didn't seem to mind at all.

Jasen and Ami were quite happy with their little life. They didn't have the riches that Ami had grown up with, but it suited them just fine. Their daughters complained sometimes about the cramped quarters, but when they were adults, they would look back fondly on all the time they got to spend together as a family.

Morgan was very much unlike her sisters. She was loud and demanding as a baby and gave her parents no quarter. They still loved her dearly, however. She was just too cute.

Kelsey continued to haunt, though she mostly kept quiet, content to watch her daughter's family grow and thrive. She wasn't an angry ghost, just a solemn and thoughtful one. She'd often take out the trash or sneak in a few cleanings here and there while everyone else was asleep.

Ami didn't hate technology, but she didn't think it was absolutely necessary, either. This was the reason that there were no televisions, computers, or anything of the sort in the house. The twins spent a lot of their childhood either playing outside or reading the vast collection of books their mother had acquired over the years.

Misty is okay with her bookworm mother so long as she continues to be a fantastic cook. She may be a mermaid who thrives on kelp someday, but for her childhood, she loves cobbler and no one makes it better than Ami.

Ami is pregnant again with what they both promise to be their final child. Misty is dubious. Do they have enough books to go around?

Mia has stopped worrying over their impending sibling's arrival. If they're lucky, it won't be a stinky boy and they'll get to keep their hearts motif. Not that all boys are stinky. Her dad is pretty cool. They play tag outside when he's done gardening and Mia always wins.

Morgan becomes a rambunctious toddler. She's a feisty one, that's for sure. She's also inherited the mermaid magic from her mother. Unlike her siblings, though, she has her mother's eyes though Jasen's blonde hair still seems to dominate.

Having a genius for a sister is a mixed bag, Misty realizes. On one hand, they finish their homework too quickly, but on the other hand, they're great for helping you with your homework. Misty decides to make the best of it and insists that they always do their assignments together.

Ami is driven to talk to her ghostly mother, filled with warm and fuzzy familial feelings. Kelsey is quite excited about well Ami is doing and always happy to see another grandchild. Ami wishes there was something she could do for her mother, but Kelsey waves her off and says she's just happy she gets to see all of this, even if she can't be a direct part of it.

Ami gives birth to their final child and yet another girl they name Mimi. Again, Jasen is nonplussed. A house full of girls is fine with him. All of his daughters are beautiful, just like their mother.

He's a cheesy guy.

Jasen finds a strange looking owl while he's out looking for seeds and brings it home. The twins dub him 'Woody' and keep him in a cage in the living room. Ami worries that the neighbors will think they're hoarding pets, but then realizes, she doesn't really care because they're not.

Mimi becomes a noisy toddler, much the same as Morgan. Mia is not amused, she has to go to school in a few hours!

Mimi looks the most like Ami, even having the dark brown hair that goes all the way back to Ami's grandfather, Alex, and his father before that!

When he's not gardening, Jasen is taking care of Morgan and Mimi. Ami is still busy with work and trying to keep the house from collapsing in disarray. Teaching two rowdy toddlers to talk, however, turns out to be quite a challenge.

Morgan and Mimi seem to be cut from the same cloth and have agendas of their own.
Annnd that takes care of the four children requirement! I was hoping to get Jasen's LTW, but I may not. I'm played up further than my posts and so far, no luck. It's a slow process, mostly because gardening takes forever and the kids have required a lot of care. 
Let me just say that this house is constantly a mess. It's everything I can do not to just break down and hire a maid, but I haven't yet. Hippies wouldn't hire a maid! 
Morgan and Mimi both got 'Evil'. I randomized their traits. I'm trying to randomize them and only change them if the trait is atrocious or if I've already picked an heir. I hadn't at this point. I have now. Also, I love Evil sims and an Evil sim that adores hot pink? Hilarious.


  1. So ghosts can travel to different lots, other than where their headstone is? I didn't know that! It's quite sweet that Kelsey is still watching over Ami. And I definitely wouldn't mind if a ghost did some of my chores while I was asleep!

    I love that Ami and Jasen have all girls! I don't know why but it just seems to fit them. And I'm jealous, because one of my goals for TS2 is to one day have a family of either four girls or four boys. 5 or 6 generations in and I'm still yet to achieve it!

    1. Ghosts can go to different lots, but Ami brought Kelsey's tombstone along with her. :) I'm so happy when she does chores, lol. This house needs all the help it can get!

      I am also kind of thrilled they had girls! I think this is my first family in the sims to ever have four same sex children!