Friday, December 13, 2013

4.5 Bohemian Rhapsody

Mia lets her dad know about her plans for the future--she wants to live in the park and sleep on the benches. Jasen, understandably, is not too keen on this. Perhaps their way of life is too bohemian? His daughter aspires to be homeless.

Morgan can't wait until she's done with school. It may come easily to her younger sister Mimi, but every minute Morgan spends on homework is a minute she's not doing something more awesome.

Misty spends hours working on her powers of persuasion. She isn't sure why she cares, but she does. Maybe it will come in useful later in life. Right now, she's slaying in both Debate and Drama club.

Unfortunately, all those activities keep her late after school. Being a mermaid, that's bad, especially on the hot, dry days of summer in Isla Paradiso. She faints and dehydrates. Jasen, worried she isn't home, finds her just before she expires in the sun. He is horrified.

The family is quite shaken by the loss. Mia, especially, mourns the absence of her twin. She should have stayed behind and made sure she was all right. Her parents tell her it isn't her fault, it isn't anyone's fault, but she doesn't really listen to them.

Even the younger, Evil members of the family are hit by the tragedy. Morgan may have never really understood her older sister, but she certainly didn't want her to die. Mimi felt much the same way. Now who would teach her the finer points of manipulation using words?

Misty's bed goes unmade for as long as it bearable. Mia refuses to disturb it, though she has trouble looking at it whenever she's climbing to or from her own bunk.

Eventually, life moves on. Misty is not forgotten, but her family finds a routine without her. Ami brings home a domino table, which both Morgan and Mimi take an intense liking to. They often con others into playing them only to soundly stomp them in the end.

Morgan becomes a teenager and therefore, a lot more freedom opens up to her. She brings home sparklers, which everyone plays with. Morgan is a little disappointed that the sparklers are more sparkle and less destructive force of awesome, but they're still fun to wave around.

Mia and Mimi wish that their parents weren't so amorous, or at the very least, that they'd do it behind closed doors away from their eyes.

Mia has been trying to cook lately, but it's not going so well. She starts a fire, which she immediately puts out... but not before the entire house goes bananas.

Jasen gets the brilliant idea to get a hopscotch court. Mia drags Morgan outside and despite Morgan's intense dislike for the outdoors, she relents. She actually rather enjoys it.

Ami finally sees the ghost of her daughter, Misty. It's a bittersweet reunion, but Ami has always had this ability and so she knew it was only a matter of time.

"It's okay, mom," Misty assures her. "Don't worry about me. Sometimes, things just happen."

Ami is glad that her daughter is so well-adjusted for a teenage ghost, but she's not entirely certain that she's okay with all of this.

Mia becomes a young adult, which means she's moving out. Mimi becomes a teenager the same day. A lot of change in just a single day. Mia wastes no time moving out, though she does promise that she won't become a homeless vagrant that sleeps on park benches.

Morgan and Mimi become best friends forever. It's only natural, of course. They may be Evil, but even they know the value of a good friendship. Woe to those who dare cross them down the line.

Ami really doesn't mind that her youngest two daughters are a bit odd, but she wishes they wouldn't let their questionable pets roam free. Morgan's python has a tendency to escape when Mimi insists on carrying it around when she does chores. Ami always has to pick it up from wherever it has slithered off to and put it back before Jasen accidentally steps on it and freaks out.

Morgan meets Jeremy Collins at school and decides he's going to be her boyfriend. Never mind the fact that Jeremy is currently dating her cousin. Morgan isn't the type to care about such things. She plants one on him spontaneously one day after school at his house.

Jeremy rebuffs her advances and tells her that he's just not that kind of guy. Morgan is sort of taken back. Someone turning her down? That's impossible--she's awesome. Clearly, Jeremy is either too stupid to notice or just playing hard to get.

Either way, this isn't over.

Morgan has pretty much had it with all the ghosts that infest their house. She's grown up with them and decided that they're nothing more than an annoyance. She has her mother's abilities, but certainly not her empathy. Morgan still vows to take down every ghost she sees, even that of her dead sister.

Morgan and Mimi get back at Jeremy by egging his house and dropping off a flaming bag of poo. Of course, they choose to do this while he's home. Mimi gets carted off by the police, but Morgan evades them effortlessly.

She even manages to get her first (willing) kiss out of it. Jeremy seems to have been beaten down, though he refuses to stop dating her cousin. That's fine. Morgan wasn't really interested in the long term, she just kind of liked the chase.

Darla the cat heads off to the cat tree in the sky. Poor Louie loses his best friend. Everyone is pretty distraught.

There's not much time for mourning, however. Shortly after, it's Morgan's birthday and she becomes a Young Adult. The possibilities are endless!

First thing's first, though. This house needs a makeover.

Generation Five roll is:
  • Couple
  • 4 Children
  • Income: Ghost Hunter
    •  Business
  • Gen. Goal: Fulfilled
  • Live Your Trait


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe Misty died! :( I think I remember you saying something about a sim dying on Twitter but I assumed you were talking about Aperture. That's super-sad. I like that her ghost is hanging around...though possibly not for long, if Morgan has anything to do about it! I like how you're tying the ghost hunter income requirement to the story.

    I'm excited about the new generation! Wonder if we'll see Jeremy around again. Morgan will need to get started if she's going to have FOUR kids!

    1. When I rolled ghost hunter, I couldn't help myself but tie it into the fact that Ami has ghosts EVERYWHERE! When Morgan came along and rolled Evil, it was just perfect.

      Poor Misty! I've had more accidental deaths in this legacy than I've ever had in TS3. It's kind of fun, lol.

      FOUR KIDS AGAIN! Arrghh! It should be interesting. I'm hoping Ami and Jasen are around long enough to help.